Job Sharing

Job sharing is defined as two people working park time to do the work of one job. Although this is not very common, it can be very practical for organizations to provide certain employees. If an employee needs to take some time off because of a personal issue, but does not want to stop working all together, job sharing is a viable option for the organization to keep the talent and provide the employee what they need.

We will discuss how job sharing works and the advantages and disadvantages.

How Does Job Sharing Work?

There are many ways job sharing can be set up, but there is always a split in the workload for one position to two people. Other than that, everything else can vary dependent upon the situation and the two employees.

Hours, amount of work, meetings, and location can vary is needs to be determined by the two employees and the manager. There are also two kids of job sharing — the first is when each employee works on the same task together, and the second is when they work on different parts separately.

All of these decisions must be made at the start of the agreement and need to be revisited regularly.

What are the Advantages of Job Sharing?

Below we have listed some of the major benefits of job sharing:

  • The company gets to keep two valued employees who would have to quit otherwise
  • The company and employees gain a new perspective on the work
  • Coverage for ill children or parents is easier and fosters trust with the employees
  • Employees are more comfortable balancing work and their personal lives
  • The job still is getting done even when one employee takes leave or goes on vacation

What are the Disadvantages of Job Sharing?

Below we have listed some of the major disadvantages of job sharing:

  • The employees may not compatible, which can cause drama and incomplete work
  • The cost of benefits may increase if you keep full benefits for the two part-time employees
  • Employees must learn how to work efficiently and effectively together, which can especially be challenging when they are working remotely


Job sharing has both positives and negatives, but may be a viable option to offer your employees struggling with a personal life event and need reduced hours. Cost and benefits would need to be considered before allowing employees to participate in job sharing in order to make sure the costs of letting them work part time do not exceed the possible benefits that could come out the position.

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