A Holistic Approach To Human Resources

Human Resources supports many aspects of a business, therefore, requires various roles and skills. When thinking about the role HR plays in an organization, an aggregated approach that takes the various roles and turn them into one, cohesive role. In other words, a holistic approach should be used for HR. Some of the roles HR plays in a business are in:

  • The business processes
  • Employee relations
  • Recruiting
  • Retention
  • Legal

Recruit and Retain

In our opinion at HRX, recruiting and retention are the two very important components of HR. First, we are there to support the organization and look out for their best interest. To do this, HR must recruit the people with the best qualifications, skills, and aptitude for the job. The second component is to ensure employee retention. To keep employees for the long run, HR needs to focus on the employee and what the company can do to provide the best experience, tools, and working environment. A holistic approach can be used to address both party’s needs, which allows the organization to be protected while keeping the employees happy.

When trying to find employees, who are the most valuable part of the organization, a large investment should be made from the start. The Human Resources department should maintain a high level of commitment to making the employee happy from recruitment to their long-lasting career, and everything in between. Like any other asset, people must be maintained. Not in the same way as tangible property, but in a manner that promotes their mindfulness, wellbeing, and skillsets needed to perform their job.

There are many ways that HR can maintain and keep their employees happy. The tools an employee needs to complete their tasks and duties should always be available to them through career development, training, and education. In addition, the health and wellness of each employee should be sought after and taken care of on a routine basis. Next week, we will delve further into health and wellness programs that can be offered and how they affect employees.

Overall, HR must work in many ways to provide the support the organization and employees need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Due to the ever changing and evolving demands of an organization, HR must adapt and be able to provide a solution to any desire or problem that may occur. A holistic approach, where HR can handle everything, is the best way for their department to run its operations.

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