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Alphabet Soup: Understanding Health Savings Accounts


Insurance is confusing enough for most people, but the acronyms and abbreviations used can make it much worse. There are three very important acronyms that usually get passed over because many people do not know much about them — FSA, HSA, and HRA. These accounts are extremely valuable tools that can be used to save […]

Health & Wellness


As we talked about last week, one way to keep employees around for longer is to offer benefits like Health & Wellness programs. Many people, especially your hard-working employees, prioritize their job over their health. Although this is commendable, it is counterproductive because they will  most likely end up getting sick or burnt out, and […]

A Holistic Approach To Human Resources


Human Resources supports many aspects of a business, therefore, requires various roles and skills. When thinking about the role HR plays in an organization, an aggregated approach that takes the various roles and turn them into one, cohesive role. In other words, a holistic approach should be used for HR. Some of the roles HR […]

2019 Open Enrollment


The new plan year is not until January 2019, but even though it seems far away, we are already starting to hear buzz about open enrollment. There is a lot of talk about changes with the Affordable Care Act, sometimes referred to as “Obamacare” and rate changes with certain insurance companies. When is Open Enrollment? […]